Computer Engineer

Atlanta, GA

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Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S. Computer Engineering
Graduated in Fall 2017 with Highest Honors

M.S. Computer Engineering












Traditional Mandarin(繁體中文)



Boa-Lin Lai

I enjoy learning science, logic, and mathematics. I aim on applying them to create fantastic projects to make our world a better place. It is amazing to live in a rapidly changing world since we have opportunities to learn the latest technology.

Programming & Embedded System & Computer Architecture
Cooking ^ Guitar ^ Counter Strike

Work Experience

System Software Engineer Internship @ MediaTek, Inc.
(Connectivity Technology Development, Software Engineering Div 2)
June 2017 - Aug 2017 @ HsinChu, Taiwan

• Refactored the architecture of Wi-Fi TestSuite-Linux-DUT user space program for MediaTek AP device to support dual-band, dual concurrent (dbdc) mode.

• Reduced the AP con guration time from 127 seconds to 10 seconds on test plan VHT 4.2.5 with this new design.

Ported the new concise daemon (273KB) to MediaTek platform, re ned its compile structure to make the user program compatible with MediaTek SDK framework.

Software Engineering co-op @ Rockwell Collins, Inc
(GS Department, Engine-indicating and crew-alerting system)
Jan 2015 - Aug 2015 @ Cedar Rapids, IA

• Improved company’s file comparison tool using python, PowerShell, and batch files, saving over 50% of execution time.

• Integrated xml-junit results to internal server using php and javascript for tracking development status.

• Integrated verification scripts with Atlassian Bamboo (continuous integration and delivery tool) to automate the release management for AW609 (twin-engined tiltrotor VTOL aircraft) Project.

Computer Science TA @ Iowa State University
CS 207 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (Computer Programming Java)
Sept 2014 - Dec 2014 @ Ames, IA

• Lead 21 students in weekly recitation, monitored their learning progress, and shared coding techniques.

• Graded student’s homework, exams; clarified programming concepts in one-on-one appointments.


Course registration Application
Fall 2017 - Cloud Computing

• Deployed flask application on AWS EC2 with MySQL on AWS RDS (3 tables).

• Created mulitple functions like add, delate, update dababase for user to interact with the system.

• Designed a html layout with render_template library.

Smart Mirror
Spring 2017 - Senior Design
Working with 4 other students to build a smart mirror prototype. My role in this project includes:

• Generate json string for weather information from third part API.

• Calibrated sensors and implemented python interface for backend.

• Designed a surface mound circuitry layout for light, humidity, and temperature sensors on transparent glass.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking System
Fall 2016 - Embedded Systems Design

Designed a prototype to simulate semi-autonomous vehicle with 2 wheel robot, the key features are the followings:

• Configured ESP8266 wifi module on mbed and Designed a python based terminal tool to interact with the robot.

• Implemented rotation sensor and designed algorithms to calculate real time coordinates for future error correction development.